A unique place

in Podgorica

Restaurant “Desetka” is the first destination that comes to mind when it comes to traditional culinary delicacies of continental, mediterranean and montenegrin cuisine. It has always been a perfect place for meet ups that attract families with children, people who want to have fun, tourists and business people. Our recipes, the harmony of smells, tastes and colors will enchant you, the complaisance of our wonderful staff and amazing mood setting will make you feel like home. Come, make a toast with us and explore a unique montenegrin experience.


Sure judgement and patient craftmanship make this restaurant a must-visit

We take pride in the fact that our dishes are made with fresh and organic groceries. Our master chefs are putting a modern twist on traditional recipes which makes our menu absolutely unique and will make you experience classic dishes in a new way. Come and try to guess which were the spices and ingredients that gave your favorite dish a new, modern taste.

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